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June 21 is National Aboriginal Day

First Nations, Métis and Inuit members are represented on the Aboriginal working group of CUPW’s National Human Rights Committee. Each year, the working group directs the creation of a poster for June 21, to express traditional teachings or symbolism from the animals of turtle island.

This year’s poster carries the dragonfly. Click HERE to view the poster.

Indigenous peoples of the Northwest coast observe the dragonfly to be a creature of the wind and also of the water. The dragonfly represents a symbol of change in the view of self-understanding. This kind of change is rooted in mental and emotional maturity and insight on the deeper meaning of life.

Agreement with CPC on Personal Days Allows Maximum Allotment of 12 Days
Friday June 16 2017

We have worked out an agreement with Canada Post Corporation (CPC) on the carry-over of personal days. This will ensure that members can be entitled to the full allotment of personal days, even during the transition to the July 1 personal days cycle.

GRIEVANCE NEWS - May 16, 2017


Following the introduction of Personal Days in the Collective Agreement signed in 2012, Canada Post has routinely taken the position that employees must exhaust all Personal Days before other forms of leave could be granted. The Union has maintained that this position is not supported by the negotiated terms of the Collective Agreement, and arbitrator Vince Ready has reached the same conclusion.

Vancouver Local UPDATE - May 2017

''We have come too far, struggled too long, sacrificed too much, and have too much left to do, to allow what we have achieved for the good of all to be swept away without a fight. And we have not forgotten how to fight.''

Lane Kirkland, president of the AFL-CIO.

Canada Post Continues to Profit

Canada Post made $81 million in net profit in 2016 in spite of Management threats to lock out postal workers last summer, which scared away 100 million dollars in business. In fact Canada post has been profitable for 20 of the last 22 years. CUPW wants to see a plan that ensures the future viability of our postal service as well as expand services such as broadband, postal banking, services at the door for seniors and electric charging stations. Rural areas, where accessing services like banking and internet are an issue, will greatly benefit from these increased services.

In Our Own Words: CUPW Special Needs Project Celebrates 20 Years!

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We’ve changed our phone system

We have made some changes and have moved to an automated phone system. When calling the hall, you will now be prompted to press the number corresponding with the Officer you want to speak to and the call will go straight to their desk. Listed below are extension #s and the issues to be directed to them.

Workers Compensation Claims: A Few Quick Tips

If you have a Workers Compensation claim there are a few things that may save you some time in dealing with the WCB. We’ve culled these from 30 years of dealing with the Board.

Navigating Through the Short Term Disability Plan and Dealing with Great West Life/Morneau Shepell

Since the introduction of the Short Term Disability Plan, our members have had difficulty navigating all the “ins and outs” of the plan. Strict timelines, no access to the grievance procedure, and the two (2) levels of appeal are causing a great deal of confusion for those who try to access the plan.

My Old WCB Injury is So Bad I Can't Work What do I do Now?

If you have an old work-related injury that you are receiving a WCB pension for, and you are continuing to work, the pension you are getting is likely a PFI (permanent functional impairment) pension and it is meant to compensate you for the odd day here and there that you may miss due to the injury.

A Tip of the Hat! Canada Post Manager Shuns Workers for Job Well Done

Every year, the holiday season slowly approaches and it seems like Canada Post always finds a way to get caught with their pants down. Another record delivery year passes, workers are worked to the bone and management sings their own praises - all the while wondering, how did we get through all of this? Well the answers is simple and right in front of you……..THE WORKERS!


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