Short Term Disability Plan: Employee's Statement

Short Term Disability Plan: Attending Physician's Statement

List of covered drugs as of July 1, 2013 and Request for Drug Exception Form: This two page pdf file includes both the most current list of covered drugs on page one as well as the form you need to submit requesting an exception on page two.

Grievance Investigation Form: You can fill out this form on your computer before printing it and submitting it to the Local. (Note: if your text overfills a text field, it will not show up on the printed form.  If you have more information than  room on the form allows, add it to a seperate document to include with your submission.)

Local Education Application Form: Use this form if you wish to apply for education courses put on by the Local. Note: Regional courses require forms unique to each course.

Lockout Related Group Grievance Check-off Form: Use this form to aid you in filing a grievance if you were affected by Canada Post suspending benefits during the Rotating Strike / Lockout.

Seniority Review Instructions and a check list: Use this form to assist you in compiling and submitting your request for a seniority review.

Appendix K: Form to request that the Local Joint Health and Safety Committee and/or Health and Safety Representative conduct the necessary investigation to determine if there is an overburdening situation on route.

Appendix LL: Form to invoke my option to receive assistance when in an ongoing overtime situation on my own route.

Article 50: Form to request Article 50 route verification.

Request for Personal File: Use this form to request your personal file as per Article 10.03.

Notice that you will not be participating in an interview related to your attendance: Use this form to notify local management that because the notice of interview does not allege fraudulent misuse of your sick leave credits, you will not be participating.

General Application Form: 17.04(a)(iv): Use this form to add your name to the city-wide overtime list.  (Being on this list does not mean that you have to accept any over time offered.)

Notice of Intention to Retire: Use this form to notify Canada Post of the date that you have decided to retire on.

Retiree Status Request Form: Use this form to notify the Vancouver Local that you wish to obtain Retired Member status as per Articles 1.21 and 1.23 of the National Constitution.